Now you drive the consumer experience.

We are all consumers.  We all need advertising.  We just don’t want all of it.

reaLife is Consumer To Business, or advertising in reverse.  Instead of having irrelevant ads “pushed" on you, we leverage your data to "pull" relevant ads and offerings directly to you.  Think of it as advertising for your real life.  We flip the traditional advertising model and partner with you, the consumer.  Unlike the competition who "uses" you, reaLife respects your privacy and actually pays you for your profile, reviews, referrals and time.  

While the rest of the advertising industry continues its quest to devise new and clever ways to interrupt our lives and invade our privacy, reaLife will continue down the most obvious and profitable path, matching “key people” with “key businesses.”  With reaLife, consumers receive exactly what they want and advertisers reach exactly who they need.

Coming in 2016.